October 12th

I have to admit that I spend a small portion of my day blogging. This includes maintaing a blog of my own, as well as reading up on several blogs that I follow. My interests in blogs are: running, food, parenting (aka cute baby pictures) and fitness. Some bloggers earn a living by ‘blogging’. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that they sit in front of the computer, typing all day. They do much more!

What I want you to do is check out a blog post written by Meghann over at Meals and Miles. CLICK HERE

When you are finished reading, please answer the following questions and then email your answers to misswemyss@gmail.com

1. Taking a look at this post – what do you think this blog is about?

2. Name two running races that Meghann has competed in

3. Tell me three things that you found most interesting about Meghann’s blogging career

4. Tell me what question about blogging that you would like to ask Meghann. I may give these to her!

Reminder to please email me your answers!

Finally – I want you to surf the internet for a blog that you would recommend to me. This could be a twitter or tumblr account too!  Please give me the URL in the comments on this post.


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